This is a song I wrote about the pain of moving away from something you love. In this case, it was Colorado.


I remember, I recall
Your trees, so green
As green as the envy your brothers hold for you

I remember, I recall
You waters, so blue
As blue as I feel without you

Way up high, and way down low
In the rain or in the snow
You are all I need to know
And you taught me who I am, yes you taught me who I am

I can feel it, it's so real
My love- my care
As pure as the mountain stream you wear

And I remember leaving you
My pain, it carries on
As vibrant as your break of dawn

In the trees, or on the ground
I'm never lost with you
I am found
You placed upon my head a crown
And you taught me how to love, yes you taught me how to love

Trees so green, waters so blue
That's how I feel without you

Love is risky, it can cause pain
But I didn't think that we were playing that game
You placed upon my head a crown
I'm so sorry I let you down- I'm so sorry I let you down

When the time came to say goodbye, I shattered
And a piece of me died
But I'm just a wave beneath the tides
What I have left you, you can keep
Just don't bury me too deep
Don't ever forget who you taught me to be


from Beautiful Outcasts- EP, released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Ivy Patterson Caroline, Alberta

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